Login & Logout


To authenticate (so we know who you are) and authorize (so we know what you're allowed to do) the user, they will need to perform a Login.

const userID = "userID@organization.com"
const userPasswd = "userPassword"
const orgID = "organizationID"
token, err := api.Login(userID, userPasswd, orgID)
if err != nil {
log.Printf("failed to Login: %s", err)

The Go client does not require the user to keep the token object around. This token is automatically stored in the global singlton client object. Once the login is successful, the user can start calling all other APIs.


Once you finish your session, make sure to Logout. This will retire the key from use.

err := api.Logout()
if err != nil {
log.Printf("failed to Logout: %s", err)

Calling logout automatically erases the authentication token stored in the global singleton StrongDoc client. It also recreates a record on the server that prevents access with the previous token.

Link to API Github Repository: https://github.com/overnest/strongdoc-go-sdk