Getting Started

Welcome to Strongdoc Getting Started guide. Strongdoc is a service that makes data privacy simple to implement in your own services.

Following the instructions in this guide will properly equip you to start using the Strongdoc API.


There is only one prerequisite, and it is that you have your preferred language installed on your device.

Install Go on your OS:
Link to API Github Repository:

Downloading and Setting Up the Strongdoc Go API

The API is available as a Go Module. To use it, run

go get

Then, import it at the top of your files:

import (
// other imports
// even more imports

The user can initialize a singleton StrongDoc client as such:

// client.DEFAULT points to the default production StrongDoc service endpoint
mgr, err := client.InitStrongDocManager(client.DEFAULT, false)
if err != nil {
log.Printf("failed to initialize StrongDoc manager: %s", err)

Note that since this is a singleton, the returned mgr object does not have to be stored. All API calls will automatically obtain the singleton StrongDoc client.

Link to API Github Repository:

Setting up your first account

Before logging in, ensure that you have an account. If you do not have one, what you need to do depends on your role in your organization:

A. You are a regular user

If you are a regular user, you need to ask your organization administrator to help you set up an account. They should give you:

  • A userID
  • A password
  • The orgID belonging to your organization

B. You are an organization administrator

Again, this depends. If...

I. You are not the first Administrator

If you are an admin of your organization and do not have an account, contact an existing administrator create one for you.

Warning, if you are the only admin and you lose your credentials, please contact us for assistance.